Best Buy Emori (TM) All About Nail 50 Piece Color Nail Lacquer (Nail Art Brush Style) Combo Set + 3 Sets of Scented Nail Polish Remover - Magical

Emori Lacquer Scented Polish Remover - The perfect nail set for all your artistic need. This Nail Art polish set contains 50 colors each presents long wearing and chip-resistant nail lacquers. Colors include 1, Blue Glitter 2, Copper Glitter 3, Bronx Glitter 4, Armageddon 5, Crush Shell 6, Purple Glitter 7, Mermaid Tail 8, Cosmos 9, Pink Glitter 10, Silver Glitter, 11, Silver Glitz 12, Red Glitter 13, English Breakfast 14, Luscious Lilac 15, Lavender 16, Lover 17, Lock Down 18, Baby Blue 19, Bunny 20, Neon Yellow 21, Neon Fushia 22, Neon Purple 23, Evergreen 24, White 25, Funky Pink 26, Neon Orange 27, Retro Denim 28, Blue 29, Green 30, Sky Blue 31, Red 32, Love Plum 33, Socialite 34, Pink Lady 35, Barbie 36, Toyland 37, Black 38, Yellow 39, Sweet Sonnet 40, Copper 41, Silver 42, Mirror 43, Dream Girl 44, Cobalt 45, Atlantic 46, Brown 47, Subtle Flirt 48, Neon Green 49, Elegant 50, Vampire. Each bottle is 8ml/0.28 oz. Also comes with 3 Scented nail polish remover more...  | see price..

Emori Lacquer Scented Polish Remover - Product Features :
  • 0.28 oz each 
  • 50 Color Nail Lacquer Set 
  • Display Rack is NOT included

Emori Lacquer Scented Polish Remover Review :

Great nail deco! 
I must say i was extreamly pleased with this set. They are not nail polishes really to paint your whole nail although i guess if you really wanted to used them that way you could. but they are perfect for doing nail art designs. You get a great selection as far as colors and the price is also worth it. I really can't say that there way any thing wrong with the set. Only if i was overly picky i would say i modified the bushes, ( i nipped the ends because one brisle was off or bent). But they were perfect i would definalty get them again. I hope this was helpful to you!
Great Product for the Money!
The colors are absolutely beautiful. That being said the brushes are small since they are striping brushes. If I want to paint my entire nail I use and old brush, one that I have run out of polish on. This works great to paint my entire nail. There is a large variety of colors including some glitters. I just could not be happier with the product!! I would highly recommend it. I read that some people did not receive white or black stripers but I did. I do wish it did come with the holder as pictured. That is my only complaint. I am very happy. I have not gotten the chance to use the polish removers that came with the set. I will write more when I get the chance to use them. I would highly recommend this set to anyone interested in nail polish and nail art!! 

Best deal I've found on Amazon!!!!!
Let me just start off by saying i was a little nervous to purchase this item. With some of the reviews, I was nervous.. Also NONE of bottles where cracked! (this would be shipping fault, not the seller! if you have some broken)

It was packaged GREAT, only two nail polishes where outside of the bubble wrap and boxes. (un-damaged!

There truely is 50 DIFFRENT colors!!! This is a great great deal for how many you are getting, weather you do you own nails; you do other peoples nails. it pays for itself in no time! i'm so excited to use these!
Ever since i had my son, "fake nails" dont stay on.. so heres what i do, i do them myself and use a UV light.

I frequently buy from Amazon, i'm an Amazon prime memeber, Mom memebership, Student Membership and frequently use my my Amazon Kindles! - I purchase from Amazon more then any other store. Except of course, food.

Rarely am i blown away by a deal, although they do have alot of deals on amazon, this is by far the best i've got for the money, and im glad i got it when i did. the shipping charges arent crazy either, I was working reatil before, doing shipping for them and let me tell you, shipping for this item is correctly priced.

I will post photos of nail polish. SOO many.
Also this came with the three cutest little, nail polish remover pads with cuticle oil 38 sheets in each one!

In my shipment the nail polishes i recieved are, Retro Denium, Sky Blue, Blue Glitter, Atlantic, Dream Girl, Blue, Mermaid Tail, Elegant, White, Evergreen, Green, Neon Green, Lover, Cobalt, Subtle Flirt, Baby Blue, Purple Glitter, Sweet Sonnet, Lock Down, Barbie, Bronx Glitter, Red, Neon Fushia, Neon Orange, Red Glitter, Vampire, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Funky Pink, Baby Envy, Neon Purple, Pink Lady, Socialite, Crush Seashell, Toyland, Love Plum, Pink Glitter, Amageddon, Cosmos, Lavender, Copper Glitter, Lusicious Lilac, Brown, Copper, Black, English Black, Silver, Silver Glitter, Mirrior, Silver Lining.

Thats 50 diffrent colors.

Im aware these are the SKINNY brushes. in order to paint your entire nail without taking forever, why not just buy an additonal brush a tad bit thicker and use it with the bottle? Sometimes you can paint your entire nail then!!!

Also designs with this is going to be FUN!

Buy before the price goes up! (its WELL worth going up!)

Best Price Ive Found!!!

Oh, and shipping is FAST i purchased this a few days ago...maybe two days??? and i got it this morning!


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