Beautiful French Manicure Nails

French manicure has been recognized as the most elegant art of carving nail polish because it combines with the natural feel of the class.

Use of the French manicure style ideally be done during a job interview or attending an official dinner. You do not need to nail salons to get the French style. With a little patience, you can get beautiful nails French manicure style at home. So here there are how to make your beautiful French manicure nails:

Clean nails
Start manicure with hand and nail brush until all dirt and dust disappear. Use a good quality metal miser. Shape model with long nails are smooth and oval. Use pair of cuticle scissors to remove the nails is dry, then trim the nails.

Painted nails
After a perfect nails, paint nails with a base color then dry. If you tend to have problems with their own nails, use a little oil around the fingers that will help when the paintbrush slipped from the track.

Apply white paint on the tip of the nail
The hardest part of a manicure is to apply white paint on the tip of the nail. Be careful when painted white so the paint does not leave marks on the bottom of the nail.

Polish final appearance (Top Coat)
When finished, paint nails, end with a layer of clear nail polish. This will protect your nails to make it more durable. To maintain perfect form of permanent French manicure and neatly, apply clear nail polish every night.