How to Achieve Super Nail Polish and Elegant?

I am going to tell you that most people do not think, but most people want. Have you ever noticed that when you go to polish, nail salon is well, perfect? The first thing you will notice that the nails are very smooth and polished so that even if the umbrellas. Moreover, when the nail technicians apply nail polish, does not seem to chip or slide. Well, I have always been a big fan of doing things for you. I am going to tell you how you too can be a smooth, shiny nails.

1. Discover Nail Buffer. I first found out about this mall nail tool. I bought the entire nail gun, which costs $ 25. Now you can go into any store and buy yourself a bumper $ 3. They are becoming increasingly popular, but there is still plenty of people who do not know what is needed. 

The buffer is a square nail file, and usually is white or black. Each half has a different roughness of the buffer. Use a nice page on the nails and, of course, to the sides of the nail. Nail buffer is a great option for those with a triangular, which use electric buffer in the halls.

You can use to remove nail polish hands and feet. Take the nail buffer and drive back and forth on each nail. Take the time to each nail. This minimizes the nails and leaves them feeling incredibly smooth.

2. News we now have a smooth glaze, you can paint! Choose a color to paint my toes with nail polish. Most people do not take enough to polish the tube at a time. You should only have to dig the bottle 2-3 times to cover each nail. The reason for this is that if you do not use enough, you keep going back for more polish. 

Applying for most hits in a nail polish means more tracks, and roughness. Fewer shots must be used, the softer your nails. You should use just enough a generous drop of nail polish at the end of the brush. Put the nail and smooth. You will find that you do not need to go back and try to polish the second floor. If you are busy and we are going to leave the house, do not apply your coat as thickly. This is because if the nail is completely dry, you scrub.

3. Hang your nails to dry to avoid chipping and keep your nail from slipping away, your nail polish dry completely! This is why I cannot wait an hour to apply a clear coat of nail polish. If you cannot wait an hour, you can skip this step if you do your toes. The advice I have already given you will make your nails shiny. Let your nails dry and then apply a clear coat. For additional coverage, buy a nail polish shatterproof, as one of Sally Hansen.

4. Test finger nail polish the final step is not too great spots! People go through great lengths to paint their toenails and think they can leave immediately after. To keep nails super shiny and super good, the glaze is completely dry. 

Once dry, a protective shell resists water, dust and pressure. This means that you should never do any of the following until the nails are dry:
• Take a shower after you paint your nails
• Let your fingernails to touch or hit something sneakers
• Develop several hours later. Thongs and sandals are willing to bear how you can dry your nails faster. You can sprinkle your nails with drops of water. You can buy one of these machines to dry nails that they sell in stores. You can buy quick-drying nail polish. You can use a thinner layer of nail polish. You can buy nail Sally Hansen spray drying.