Best Buy 48 Piece Rainbow Colors Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer Set + 3 Scented Nail Polsih Remover

Rainbow Glitter Lacquer Scented Remover - This is definitely a great deal. First of all , I should mention, that delivery time and all of that comes from the seller, not the product more...  | see price..

A few notes on what the seller brought to the table :
  1. Each item was individually wrapped in paper to prevent breakage
  2. I was able to email the seller and ask for particular colors, and although the delivery was late, and I didn't get all the colors I asked for, all it took was a quick email, and he is sending the replacement colors for free.
  3. The seller was mostly quick to respond to emails

Rainbow Glitter Lacquer Scented Remover - Product Features :

Rainbow Glitter Lacquer Scented Remover Reviews :

Great Set!
I ordered this set because I wanted some really cute glitter nail polishes, and for the price (coming out around $1 a bottle)this really couldn't be beat. It came in about 4 days, super fast! All the bottles were individually wrapped and neatly stacked in the box. I didn't receive any multiples of colors. Lots of glitters- holo's, chunky, hearts, moons, and stars. There were also a couple marbles, pastels, and neons. The variety is really great, such an awesome set!

This is the second time I have purchased this set. The first one was a gift and it was a huge hit so I had to order it for myself! I love that you can get away with just one coat of polish or make sure your color is vibrant at two coats. I'm a two-coater anyways, having bought every previous bottle of nail polish from my local stores. I am also a bargain hunter, so the price is right for me! My nails are a fabulous new color daily and that makes me a happy girl! I've been doing water marble nail art since I've got these and they work perfectly in case someone is wondering about that. Just make sure you have a good base coat on before you dip. Have fun with these ladies, you won't be disappointed!